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New Bathroom Trends Guide

We use our bathrooms every single day with hardly anytime to spare, Meaning these areas need to be clean, organised & tidy to keep up with our busy modern lives. A modern day bathroom, shower rooms is a place we can relax, so how they look is extremely important.

What are the most latest bathroom shower room trends?

It is true some trends come and go in all bathrooms and wet rooms from colour to design, however this isn't always true. Many designs are here to stay and look amazing for years.

  • Marble: Lot's of customers are choosing to use marble when decorating their shower rooms for a touch of unique continental feel.

  • Spathroom: A Spa Bathroom is becoming very popular as customers want that peaceful feeling of tranquility and luxury in their own home. 

  • Natural: Using a wide range or materials and shades of colour helps bring the calming effect of the outdoors indoors and make a bathroom a relaxing space to be.

  • Patterns: Using a Pattern flooring from a lino to tiles or even a wallpaper as long as the water can not get to it is becoming a very popular way to bring a smart detail to a bathroom.

clean smart bathroom

If you’re looking for a professional service from start to finish then we should be your first point of call. At Abbotts Maintenance we have all the trades and can bring them in at the correct time so you don’t have to deal with different people for each part of the job. We do tilling, electrics, plumbing, and carpentry. We offer the complete package.

We can install suspended ceilings and spotlights to give a more contemporary look.

When fitting a bathroom for our clients we fully project manage the job from start to finish. Our process starts with ensuring all bathroom sanitary ware, tiles, fixtures and fittings are correct. We then work out how long the project will take so we can advise our clients of how long the bathroom will be out of service.

We work longer hours than most other firms, if we are allowed, (8am to 10pm), this ensures your bathroom will be finished quicker and you are not inconvenienced for too long. Once we have agreed our start date we will ensure that installing your bathroom is hassle free for you. Our friendly bathroom fitters will arrive each day and will be clean and tidy for the duration of fitting your bathroom, and will clean the site each day before going home.

Our bathroom fitters are experienced in bathroom installations of your choice, from a traditional bathroom suite to a modern wet room. Whatever bathroom you are deciding on we can fit it for you.

If you would like one of our interior designers to help you design your bathroom then click the link and book online and a member of our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Frequently Asked Pumbing & Heating Question

Emergency Plumbers & Boiler Repairs

Alternatively, if you want to detect a water leak in your home, you can check your water usage. If it has gone up significantly without reason, then this could be a leak. You can also take a meter reading and wait two hours ensuring not to use any water and take another meter reading. If your usage has increased, this indicates a leak.

Perhaps something most homes have encountered is the drip, drip, drip from a tap. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as general wear and tear, a build up of debris or when someone doesn’t turn the tap tight enough. It can even leak if someone over-tightens the valve as it can lead to damage to the washer in the tap. If you have a leaking tap, then it is wise to inspect the tap to determine the cause. Firstly, switch off the water supply through an isolator valve or the stopcock. Then if you feel comfortable to do so, open up the tap and inspect the washer. You may notice that it has a build-up of debris which you can clean away. Alternatively, the washer may have damage, and it is time for a replacement. Only replace the washer if you feel comfortable to do so. If you don’t, a competent handyman or plumber will be happy to assist.

Another common water leak is through a leaking radiator. A leaking radiator can cause significant damage to your floor, ceiling and even wiring, so it is vital to fix it right away. A water leak in the radiator could be from a number of different causes such as a leaking valve or valve spindle. Alternatively, it may be leaking because of corrosion or pipe coupling. Most of the fixes for a leaking radiator will require draining the system and refilling it. Furthermore, the components of a radiator are relatively fiddly and can be difficult to master. For a leak in the radiator, determine where you think the leak is coming from, then turn off your water supply and then it is usually best to call a plumber to resolve the issue for you.

If you spot a leak from a plastic/PVC water pipe joint, then the good news is that you may be able to fix the issue yourself. Remember, water can travel a long way before it drips as a leak, so you need to make sure you know exactly which joint the leak is coming from. Start by drying the area thoroughly and working out exactly where the water is coming from and whether it is the pipe or water pipe joint that is leaking. Once you know the source of the leak, turn off the water for the affected area, or turn off the water at the mains supply if that is easiest. Then get to work in fixing a leak. If you feel competent, remove and replace the affected section of the pipe. However, this may require cutting tools and equipment you may not have. Alternatively, you can make an easy temporary fix using rubber or silicone repair tape which is quick and easy to use. Repair epoxy can be even easier to use around plastic water pipe joint leaks, and it can mould to fit the shape of the joint.

If you have a leaking plastic water pipe, then the process is much the same as how to fix a leaking plastic water pipe joint. First make sure you know exactly where the leak is coming from, turn off the water supply and then either replace the affected water pipe or use a quick fix such as tape and epoxy. Alternatively, for a super quick fix, you can use a rubber and hose clamp to give you some time before you can call a plumber out to make the fix.

Vaillant boiler problems and fault codes

Mass flow sensor not connected/disconnected, plug not connected or incorrectly connected or an issue with its operation.

Mass flow sensor faulty, filter below venturi filter cap wet or blocked, gas flow pressure too low.

No or too little gas supply pressure, gas valve closed.

Mass flow sensor not connected/disconnected, plug not connected or incorrectly connected or an issue with its operation.

Interruption/short circuit of water pressure sensor, interruption/short circuit to GND in supply line to water pressure sensor or water pressure sensor defective.

Water pressure sensor and/or pump defective, air in heating installation, too low water pressure in boiler; check adjustable bypass, connect external expansion vessel to return.

Ideal Logic, Icos & Isar Boiler fault Codes

The problem If your heating system doesn’t have enough water, this fault can occur as its pressure could become low. The solution It is usually possible for you to fix this issue yourself by topping up your boiler’s water pressure to 1.5 using the in-built in filling loop. If you’re still facing issues, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The problem This usually means that there has been a flame loss during operation. This issue could be caused by deeper system errors such as incorrect gas pressure, an issue with your flue, a faulty gas valve, an incorrect adjustment of a valve or a fan fault. The solution Firstly, check other gas appliances and you could try to reset your boiler. This fault typically occurs with older boilers and low-efficiency systems, so it may be worth considering getting a new boiler installed.

The problem This fault is caused by a loose or damaged fan. This issue could be related to deeper problems such as loose or damaged connections, water damage from a boiler leak, a fault with the air pressure switch or a problem with the printed circuit board. The solution This fault will require the help of a qualified engineer. As the issue can stem from a range of different causes, costs can vary.

The problem The F4 fault code tends to signify a problem with your boiler’s flow thermistor or an issue with its operation. The fault will typically be related to circulation issues. The solution This fault will require a call out to a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The problem This refers to a fault in the return thermistor or its operation. related to a faulty NTC return thermistor, a damaged connection, a differential in temperature that’s too high between the flow/return thermistors, or a faulty printed circuit board. The solution This fault will require a call out to a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The problem Your boiler takes resistance readings which are then sent to the printed circuit board and if the temperature reading is too low or too high, the boiler will cease to work as a safety precaution and display a fault code. The solution Reset your boiler. If this doesn’t help, you should then contact a qualified engineer. Overheating is generally an issue that happens with older, less efficient boilers, so it may be worth investing in a new heating system.

The problem Your boiler has ‘locked out’ as a safety precaution. The cause behind this will need to be identified. The solution Reset your boiler. If there’s rumbling coming from the system, this suggests your condensate pipe is blocked or that there is an issue with your flue. This requires a call out from a qualified engineer.

The problem This fault code typically indicates that someone has changed the printed circuit board (PCB) and used the wrong boiler chip card (BCC). The solution This requires a call out from a qualified engineer.

The problem Like L1, this code could indicate that the temperature on your resistance reading is too high. The solution Check your system’s pressure reading, you could also bleed your radiators to see if this helps. If not, we recommend contacting a Gas Safe registered engineers as the overheating could be a result of a deeper issue with your boiler’s pump or dry fire stat.

The problem Your boiler may have ‘locked out’ as a safety precaution. The cause of this will need to be addressed. The solution Check that other gas appliances in your home are working, if so, we recommend that you then reset your boiler. If your boiler is rumbling, there could be a blockage in your condensate pipe. Contact a qualified engineer to fix the issue.

The problem This could occur if someone may have reset the boiler 5 times in 15 minutes. The solution Turn off the boiler’s power at the fuse spur, then turn it back on again. If the issue continues, contact a qualified engineer.

The problem This usually happens when your flame comes on before your gas. The solution Reset your boiler. If the boiler still fails to operate and your system is still covered by your warranty, you could contact your manufacturer for assistance.

Worcester Bosch Errors fault codes:

Cause code: 362

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Incorrect HCM fitted

Cause code: 233

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Problem with the code plug (faulty or not connected)

Cause code: 222

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Flow sensor shorted or damaged

Cause code: 223

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Flow sensor disconnected or damaged

Cause code: 218

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Primary flow sensor overheated

Cause code: 332

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Primary flow sensor overheated

Cause code: 219 Cause code: 220 Cause code: 221 Cause code: 224

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: The main heat exchanger has overheated. Maximum temperature 105°C

Maximum temperature sensor on the main heat exchanger has failed

Maximum temperature sensor on the main heat exchanger has not been recognised

Flue gas thermostat overheat

No flame detected after ignition Cause code: 227

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Failure of four ignition attempts. The boiler waits 30 seconds before another attempt is made

Loss of flame signal during operation Cause code: 229

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: An established flame has been extinguished. This could be caused by: – Moisture in the sump, due to a blocked sump/condensate trap – A strong wind into the flue

Gas valve error Cause code: 234

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Gas valve coil disconnected

Ignition timing error

Cause code: 261

Reset type: Reset button

Possible cause: Flame not established during the first 4 seconds ignition period

Is your Leaking Tap driving you crazy.

Did you know that on average a leaking tap can lose up to 90 litres of water per week, costing you money and damaging the environment by increasing the amount of water that needs to be extracted from natural sites? We work on all kinds of tap whether it be mono bloc, mixer or conventional we can offer a complete repair in the majority of cases, limiting the money that the leaking water can cost you. In cases where a repair is not possible we can provide and install a new tap or fit a tap provided by you.

Do you have a Leaking Bath or Shower Tray.

Unfortunately in many cases a leaking bath or shower tray can only be identified once water damage begins to appear directly below the bathroom. But don’t worry, our specialist engineers can be on site within two hours to trace the source of the leak and repair the problem, limiting any further damage to your property.

Problem with your Shower not working.

Shower leaking or suffering from low water pressure?
There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to wash properly so give us a call and we can have an engineer onsite within two hours on average. You’ll be back to steaming hot, invigorating showers before you know it!

Is you Water Tank Leaking.

Water tanks are often sited in inaccessible locations within properties meaning that it can be difficult to identify an issue with the tank until the damage resulting from the problem becomes visible. A hidden leaking or overflowing water tank can be very destructive so we offer a priority service to our customers to prevent further damage to their property or belongings.

Need a new Appliance Fitted or Removed.

New washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer need fitting? We can make any necessary adaptations to existing plumbing to ensure that the new appliance fits and functions as it should and we can be with you within two hours on average or at an agreed time that suits you better.

Toilet Leaking or a Sticking Ball valve.

A leaking toilet can be an annoying problem to have, particularly if it is for public use on a commercial premises. That is why we carry out repairs to toilets and urinals in domestic, office, public houses and restaurants to ensure that the facility is fully working again as soon as possible and with the minimum of fuss. Do you find you have a noisy toilet after flushing? this is due to a poor ballvalve in need of changing.

clean smart shower convertion
shower with disabled seating
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