Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions do not affects your statutory rights.

By you agreeing/signing our contract you maybe waving your statutory rights or any rights you have in law.


The company shall provide the service between the hours of 8am - 16:30pm Monday to Friday.

From 16:30pm to 07:59am Monday to Friday prices will go up.

Saturday and Sunday rates will change through the day.

Exclusive of statutory holidays at the current standard rates of the company. You will be informed of this prior to any work being carried out.

The service shall be offered on the basis that it will be provided as quickly / reasonably possible within the confines of current workload, available personnel, weather and traffic conditions, availability of parts and other conditions that are outside the direct control of the company.

You can ask us to opt you out of our emailing list and or text reminder service, if you do not ask to opt out hen we may use your email, mobile numbers to send you messages and request for reviews by this means. 



When you a customer books a appointment with us/Abbotts Maintenance over the phone you are agreeing to our contract.

You can cancel the appointment no less then 48hours before. if you cancel within 48hours of the appointment then you will be charged and you will be added to a black list of bad/non paying/rude or abusive/ time wasting list of customers who will be refused credit and any form of work from Abbotts Maintenance. We will do what we like with your details and may advise other companies of your actions.

The charge made will be based on either  a time and materials basis, calculated on the current rates and charges of the company which you will be informed of prior to work being carried out.

A fixed price quotation that once agreed and you sign, you will have to pay.

Labour charges are calculated from the point of arrival at the customers' premises to the point of finishing the work and are calculated on an hourly basis or part thereof.

The company shall charge a minimum of one hour labour charge in all instances.

A fixed price quotation shall be supplied over the phone or in writing on the invoice and will be signed by you the customer.

All quotations estimates and guide rate prices etc, given by the company verbally or in writing will include VAT where applicable.

All parking costs will be charged to the customer, anywhere that a permit is needed and not supplied all parking fines, and clamping, or toe away fees is charged to the customer.
Remember if you get given a fixed price to do a job this will NOT be broken down for you to understand, we will not explain the price given a fixed price is given taken in to account time to do the job, time to go get the parts, time to fit and test for other faults that may turn up. We are not ripping you off so if a fixed   price is given and you're not happy speak about it at the time.


No work will be undertaken until the customer or the customers authorized agent has signed the authorization and undertaken to make payment on completion of the work, or if an account customer has undertaken to make payment within the agreed terms.

Payment shall be due in full immediately upon completion of the work and the customer shall ensure payment is made available without unnecessary delay.

The company shall reserve the right for whatever reasons to require advance payments, stage payments or deposits before or during the work.
The company shall reserve the right for whatever reason to refuse cheque's.

If you/the customer stops a cheque we will charge you £50 for the inconvenience of it.

If we/us/I/Abbotts Maintenance have to take you to court we will add to your bill £600 per day plus vat or part there of.

If we/us/I/Abbotts Maintenance have to take you to court we will add to your bill our legal fees.

If you fill in an order acceptance form and supply the incorrect information or sign our paper work you agree we can and will isolate you or your tenants water supply and gas supply until the bill is paid in full to us plus any extra charges.


Our account terms are that payment is due within 7 days unless otherwise stated in a contract.
Overdue accounts and late payers or customers who have to pay after the engineer has left site shall be liable to late payment charges at 5% of the amount due per week, an administration charge of £25 a call, or each letter will be added until full payment is made.
Should after 30 days from date of invoice, the company have not secured payment of any debt owed to it, the company shall be entitled to employ the services of solicitors and debt collection agencies or small claims court, and shall be entitled to charge and recover from the customer all and every reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining settlement of the debt owed.
You the customer are agreeing that your personal data can be passed on if you are in debt to us the company. The data protection act 1988 is there to protect you but signing our paper work gives us the right to use your data save some basic data Name, Address, Contact info, on our system to build a data base so  
 we know who you are next time you call.
 The company retains the ownership of all materials, plant and machinery, even though installed or delivered on site until the complete payment of all outstanding balances have been received in full, if no payment made you will be reported to the police.

The customer shall be responsible for obtaining and retaining any necessary consent, license permit or other authority necessary for execution of work to be carried out.
Whilst every effort is made to provide a prompt and reliable service, the company is dependent on many factors which are out of its direct control and which from time to time do arise. Transport availability, fuel restrictions, weather and traffic conditions, availability of personnel, availability of parts etc.

Always provided that the company has made reasonable effort to provide service, the company shall have no liability whatsoever for any delay in the performance of its obligations (if any ) due to any conditions, events or states of affairs beyond its direct control.
We will do our best effort to get to you on time, however we will have no liability if you have to take time off work for us to attend even if it is a call back, NO form of compensation will be given.
Where the work we have carried out becomes faulty due to either our faulty workmanship or faulty parts that we supplied, we will be happy to return free of charge to inspect the problem, with no quibble in 90 days subject to our usual terms of business. Outside of this period we reserve the right to charge labour    
and or parts where appropriate, if on inspection we find that the problem has not been caused by any faulty workmanship on our part, or by any faulty parts we supplied there may be charges to you to pay.

These terms do not affect your statutory rights.

Removal holding of parts, rubbish and scrap. parts and rubbish will normally be removed from the customer's premise free of charge on completion of the work, unless big, bulky, heavy and likely to cause the company disposal costs, when the customer will be advised of any extra costs. Parts may be retained by  the customer unless a warranty claim is involved or unless they have to be returned to the main supplier manufacture on an exchange basis.

If the customer wishes to retain parts it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the parts are retained. Once removed, site disposal is likely to be immediate and the company will be unable to recover such items once removed from the customer's premises.

By prior arrangement only, the company shall allow account facilities. Only signed official orders shall be accepted in lieu of payment and it shall be a specific condition of the company granting accounts facilities, this companies terms and conditions shall take president over all others.




If you are asked to fill in the order acceptance form we will need it fully completed this is to stop fraud. You will need to fill in the credit card details for us to be able    to charge you if you cancel on us after we have sent out an engineer to come to help you. By filling in the order acceptance form you are agreeing to this and the      charge, if after the charge is made on your debit or credit card and you then try to reclaim the money back from the bank we will add a £25 admin fee plus a £70 plus vat per hour      fee for the time we will have to waste in dealing worth the bank to resolve the matter. We would then also then forward your details to the police fraud department .



It is in our experience that while genuine justified complaints do occur from time to time, the majority of complaints are found on investigation to have nothing to do with the work we originally carried out, it is our aim to give some guidelines which will assist in maintaining the friendly personalized relationship with our  customers.

Fully describe the work you require to be done or the fault you want attending to, and to discuss it with the engineers. Give them as much information as possible. Agree what the course of action will be and how it is to be done, if in doubt ask for clarification, the engineer will explain.

Remember to let the engineer do their job and do not stand over them watching the whole time as it can be off putting having people judging you when working, but periodically see how things are doing and if there is something you are unhappy about say so immediately so that it can be discussed before continuing.
Remember that we are tradesman / tradeswomen, we do not do magic and a certain amount of preliminary work may have to be done to find the fault or fix the problem, a certain amount of what seemingly wasteful work / time may have to be done.

When faced with a choice of an expensive replacement or a temporary repair, carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

We provide a very reasonable warranty period for the work, and as a rule the only complaints we receive arise from defective parts usually within a day or two rather than weeks. The majority of potential complaints concern temporary repairs, where hours, days, weeks later the problem reappears. This sometimes confirms our original advise that a more expensive lasting repair should have been carried out initially, although many temporary repairs do last a reasonable time, others do not and the company will not accept further liability unless the repair has not been carried out with care and skill by our engineer.

If you do need to contact us please e-mail us at abbotts_maintenance@yahoo.co.uk


We can withdraw or decline any and all offers made by us, Abbotts Maintenance.



If our engineers are on site for a while please offer a cup of tea or coffee as it can get cold out there and the engineers don't always get time to get themselves lunch or tea.


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