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Check out our ProPlans package below.

Below we have ProPlan Platinum to give you peace of mind of paying for the boiler service & Repairover the year without the cost increasing due to the cost of living.

Platinum System and Boiler Care, Service & Central Heating System Assessment: Plan includes Boiler and Heating System Care, and Annual Service with ADEY ProCheck® central heating system assessment, plus priority response to call outs.

Plan Details

Help to extend the life of your boiler and optimise performance. Each year your Plan includes a service to your boiler, incorporating a heating system health check, to ensure it is operating correctly and efficiently; and includes boiler and heating system repairs. We will prioritise any call outs to repairs to your boiler.

We provide Plans in respect of domestic boilers up to 70Kw in size and under 16 years old.

What's included in your boiler service:

  • - ADEY ProCheck® central heating system assessment
  • - Flue Gas Analysis
  • - Internal Component Checks undertaken: Expansion Vessel, Electrical Connections, Fan, Ignition Probe, Main Heat Exchanger, Condensate Trap
  • - Filter Clean (if fitted)
  • - Chemical dosing
  • - Gas pressure test

Repairing your boiler, broken parts, pipework and radiators:

  • - Where your boiler, boiler parts or heating controls can be repaired we will carry out the repairs within the cost of your Plan
  • - We will supply and fit any available boiler parts required
  • - We will fit (but not supply) any heating controls
  • - We will repair or replace: Radiators, Radiator valves, Central heating pipework, Gas pipework, Header tank
  • - Priority attendance to any boiler faults

What’s not included in the cost of your Plan:

  • - Supplying new heating controls if required
  • - Repairing the boiler (or supplying a new boiler) if the required spare parts are not available or the boiler is beyond economic repair
  • - Repairing damage caused by sludge, scale or debris
  • - Full system cleanse
  • - Pre-existing faults or conditions
  • - Warm air heating, underfloor heating, macerators, waste disposals, hot water cylinders, cold water supply tanks, gas appliances (other than the boiler)
  • - Domestic hot and cold water system, pipework, sanitaryware and showers
  • - Any pipework buried under concrete floors or within the fabric of your property

Terms & Conditions 

No Call out or Excess Cost!

Other Big named Companies charge a excess fee or call out charge each time they attended so they have no real intention to fix the boiler faults. We don't thin that is fair so we won't charge you for callouts so we can get the boiler or heating back working for you!

Radiator Problems, Not Heating or as Hot?

Have a radiator that needs repairing, installing or moving? We regularly undertake all kinds of radiator work from issues with a lack of heat being produced, leaks from the connecting pipe work and re-fitting radiators that have parted from the wall. For a radiator not heating as it should could be due to rust- sludge in the central heating system and this will need power flushing.

Why does a boiler need repair or servicing?

As with any other appliance, regular use of a boiler will lead to decreased efficiency and deterioration over a period of time. This occurs for two main reasons: as the boiler is used, excessive soot, which is a by-product of the combustion process, can coat the inside components of the boiler leading to reduced efficiency, and the air-to-fuel ratio, which needs to be maintained for optimum performance, changes over a period of time due to component wear and tear. Boiler repairs & servicing is particularly important, since the boiler is being used daily almost throughout the year.

Abbotts Maintenance entails a service that will come to your home, clean the soot from your boiler and ensure that the air-to-fuel ratio is readjusted to optimize efficient running of your appliance. This will prolong the life of your boiler and will reduce the risk of expensive repairs in the long run.

Another critical reason to carry out proper maintenance on your boiler, is to prevent exposure to carbon monoxide, which, when inhaled over a period of time can lead to illness and even death. Incomplete combustion of fuels such as oil or gas in infrequently serviced boilers can lead to the production of carbon monoxide.

This gas is odourless and colourless and therefore hard to detect. Regular servicing can alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide and help keep you and your family safe.

Frequently asked question

Is Boiler Heating cover right for you.

You can only buy this cover if: you own the home you're covering

Your gas central heating and boiler are in good working order

You do not currently have HomeCare or a similar product elsewhere

Your service includes a series of check(s) to make sure your boiler and central heating are running safely and efficiently.

Your engineer will check for water leak(s), damage and wear and tear. They’ll also carry out a few safety inspections, such as making sure your boiler is using the right amount of gas and not letting off carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.

If a service is included in your cover, we will do our best to let you know when it’s due. *Your annual services may be more than 12 months apart.

It depends how old your boiler is. We can offer boiler cover for boilers that are less than 15 years old. If your boiler is older than 15 years, you won't be eligible for boiler cover.

No The work of our engineers is monitored and guaranteed, and we ensure they carry public liability insurance. That’s why we all repairs are to be carried out by our approved engineers.

If your boiler or heating system is beyond economic repair by our engineers or the value of repair is more then allowed in the plan you can pay the diffrence to cover the short fall

No if the system is not working or the boiler already has faults then they will not be covered

All new customers will have the system and boilers checked before you are accepted on a ProPlane cover this will include water samples for rust/ sludge, you will be given a list of things that need to be fixed to cover you or they will be excluded from the ProPlan cover

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